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I have been tattooing for over 20 years. I push myself to be a versatile artist, tattooing everything I can. I studied at California School of Fine Arts.  I take tattooing very seriously and want to provide you with the most effective tattoo possible no matter what your concept is.  Over all I enjoy all styles and providing my clients with the best possible experience. 


I have been influenced by Fonzy, Johnny Quintana, and Jeff Gogue. I like to challange myself in all types of art mediums.  I love to see what infulunces others art work. I enjoy finding the beauty in the simple things. 


I grew up spray painting trains and painting cars. Challanged by my high school art teacher to always push myself to do better and always look outside the box while expressing mysef in my art work. 



Thank you for taking the time for looking at our website. I look forward to seeing you at the shop and at future shows. 


"Love The Profession"

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